Women In Her Childhood

A girl is very dear to her parents. Before her attaining the age of puberty, she is free from any religious obligation. She is supposed to enjoy her life at her father's house with the single motto;  eat, drink and be merry. She enjoys the love and affection of her parents, her sisters, brothers and other relatives. When she starts speaking, the parents should teach her the basics of the religion and faith. The childhood is an age of learning. A child attains considerable amount of knowledge till the age of five that she would never get throughout her life. This is the period when the first schooling of the child starts with her first teacher, The mother.

When the girl is five-year-old, she should be taught lessons of personal hygiene. She should also be given training in human behaviour with special emphasis on adopting good things and discarding bad habits. This is also the time to start her education. The education should start with the learning of the Holy Quraan. She should memorize at least the last few Suras of the 30th Part of the Holy Quraan especially Sura Fateha, Sura An-Naas, Sura Al-Falaq, Sura Ikhlaas, Sura Al-Kafiroon. She should know the Islamic way of purification, Wudu (ablution) and Ghusl (bath).

At the age of seven the girl should be taught the fundamentals of Islam such as Salaah. This is the age when the girl should cultivate the habit of Pardah. She should also be taught washing of utensils, minor stitching jobs and other domestic chores of common nature. She should be suitably admonished for her idling, laziness, carelessness and mischief. She should not be allowed to mingle with the girls and women of low character. She should be kept away from evils of reading romantic literature, seeing movies and listening to sexy music, etc. These evils adversely affect the morale of the child and encourage her to adopt bigger evils.


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